This vacancy is required for our client, an established company.


Dimensions of The Position:
The Maintenance Superintendent reports to the Equipment Manager and is responsible for providing strategic direction & planning scheduling services to all Equipment Management functions, which includes the following equipment:
Diesel Engine Generating Machine
Gas Engine Generating Machine
Auxiliary System of Diesel Power Plant including Electrical Attachment
Diesel Engine Dewatering Pump
Miscellaneous Equipment (Temperature Control, Compressor, Gas Turbine, etc)

Main Roles
• Ensures the ongoing development and succession planning of personnel within the Maintenance Strategy section.

• Promote ideas and programs within Equipment Management that provide continuous improvement in the areas of safety, cost, performance and efficiency.

• Maintain and review the maintenance strategy to achieve maximum availability and reliability at optimum cost. This includes but not limited to development of effective maintenance strategy and excellent execution of the strategy, aiming for the most economical equipment life cycle.

•Analyze Equipment Performance & Management data to identify improvement opportunities.

• Develop and execute equipment replacement strategy to meet operational needs and equipment application and operation standard.

• Produce standard equipment management report on a routine basis that supports equipment performance and improvement initiatives and deliver maintenance strategy application in safe, timely, cost effective and high quality manner, to minimize downtime and optimize the equipment utilization.

• Identify and manage risk & opportunity value (failure probability, cost, component life, life improvement, life cycle, etc) related to maintenance strategy.

• Analyze Equipment Performance & Management data (i.e. downtime, utilization, costs and reliability) to identify improvement opportunities.

• Develop and maintain the maintenance planning backlogs to achieve optimum cost to aim the most efficient operations.

• Identify and recommend corrective maintenance actions arising from evidence related to major failures, diagnostic tests and inspections, and determine the urgency with which these actions should be taken to eliminate repeat breakdowns.

• Produce standard equipment management report on a routine basis that supports equipment performance and improvement initiatives and manage the proper fleet maintenance planning backlogs process. These includes but not limited to forecast of component life time from EM strategy group, provide and ensure detailed Maintenance schedule to performed high standards in accordance with existing Maintenance Strategies.

• Build and maintain a professional relationship with customer and vendor to represent “Company” through an excellent service, response and coordination.

Key Qualifications
The incumbents must have relevant experience in power generation, heavy equipment or mining, oil & gas industries, with requirement:

• Experience in the management and administration of budgets and financial controls in a multinational company with strong leadership and a people oriented outlook.

• Good English written and oral communication skills.

• Good analytical thinking and interpersonal skill and having computer literature (MS Office).

• Good experiences and knowledge of Caterpillar, Mitsubishi or other diesel engines.

• Familiar with Equipment Performance Analysis, Failure Analysis, Component Life Cycle, Cost Analysis, etc.

• Familiar with Maintenance Management Information System (Ellipse, SAP, AS400, Oil Commander, Analyzer, etc).

• Familiar with mechanical availability, downtime, backlogs, component tracking, equipment health, fluid management.

• Minimum of ten (10) years of Maintenance Management related experience is required.

• Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

Competencies required
Strong willingness to learn, driving best result, committed good team work, open and respectful and enabling positive energy to the organizations.

Please send your CV (in MS Word version) to:
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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