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PT Solid Black Gold – 2 positions

PT. Solid Black Gold – Coal Mining Contractor companies having production area in Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan Province in collaboration with several concession owner, which started operation since 2006 until today. We have a standard of coal quality in complying with our customer in Japan and USA which uses for electricity. We open several positions to strengthen our manpower and business position,


• Job Description:
– Plan detailed exploration of the coal concession, including identifying outcrops.
– Able to calculate reserve estimation from borehole data.
– Plan borehole drilling patterns and drill hole logs.
– Lead and monitor a team of exploration in daily tasks, such as mapping, surveying and drilling.
– Able to use AutoCAD for mapping and reserve estimation.
– Coordinate with mining department regarding future mining plans and pit limit markings.
– Coordinate with Humas Department, regarding marking of land of different owners.
– Communicate with surveyor regarding topographic survey.

• Minimum Requirements:
– Geological Degree.
– Passive English.
– AutoCAD is a must.
– Experience of working in the coal field for a minimum 5 years.
– Ready to work in a remote area.
– Leadership qualities.


• Job Description:
– Implementation of production planning.
– Dewatering of the mines area.
– Safety of Mine area.
– Discipline of Subordinate.
– Coordination with mechanical department.
– Report to Mining Manager.
– Report to Dinas Tambang.
– Direct subordinate Production Foreman.

• Minimum Requirements:
– Mining Degree.
– AMDAL knowledge.
– Ready to work in a remote area.
– Ready to work in the field everyday.
– Minimum 3 years experience in coal mining field.
– Leadership qualities to lead foremen, operators and drivers.

Please send your comprehensive application and resume meeting our requirement to:

HR Department
Rukan Gading Bukit Indah M – 10
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Or email to :

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