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CNOOC SES Ltd – 4 Positions


CNOOC SES Ltd , an International company based in Jakarta is requiring professional with international experiences to join the team.


Scope of work:

* Reviews record for accuracy of information and compliances with established procedures, and to determine adequacy of stock level. * Schedules work for special and periodic inventories.

* Traces history of items to determine reasons for discrepancies between inventory and stock-control records.

* Recommends remedial actions to resolve discrepancies between inventory and stock-control records. Job Specification: University Degree (S-1) in Engineering preferably in Industrial/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or Management (Production or Operations Management) with 3-5 years working experiences in Oil and Gas Industry especially in handling inventory, warehousing and materials turnover.


Scope of work:

* Collects, compiles and recommends information or specifications of company asset and material, including surplus, dead or obsolete inventory items for Write-Off and Disposal.

* Follows up Material Transfer Request from/to other PSC until the transfer completed.

* Develops Write off Proposal (FUPP) in coordination with Stock Analyst and User Department and follow up with Government bodies.

* Complies and updates factual company asset on regular basis upon the Write-Off programs, in coordination with Office Management and Material Accounting.

* Implements health, safety, and environment policies and procedures in working area Job Specification: University Degree (S-1) in Industrial Engineering or Management/Accounting with 3-5 years working experiences in Oil and Gas industry especially in Material Knowledge, Material Accounting Systems and Following Up Mechanism.


Scope of work:

* Supervises, coordinates, inspects, monitors and controls accommodation for employees, contractors and guests

* Supervises, coordinates, inspects, monitors and controls all activities related to catering services

* Supervises, coordinates, inspects, monitors and controls all activities related to maintenance of building, facilities and other Infrastructures in Camp.

* Supervises, coordinates, inspects, monitors and controls all activities related to QHSE programs in Camp. * Supervises & coordinates activities of sewage treatment plant to comply with government regulations * Conducts regular satisfaction survey of the services every three (3) months

* Supervise & coordinates activities of incinerator, composting and garbage handling including hazardous waste handling Job Specification: Degree in S1/D4/D3 in Tourism and Hotel: Hotel or Catering disciplines with 3-5 years working experiences in hotel/ catering Industry or University Degree (S1) from Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineering with 3-5 years working experiences in Oil and Gas industry especially in Camp Services Including Accommodation/Lodging, Catering, Industrial Hygiene/ Nutrition, Laundry, House Keeping, Gardening, Building Maintenance & Contract Administration.


Scope of work:

* Inspects vessel or boat and other supporting systems regularly including, prior hiring and after maintenance or break down/dry dock within HSE & technical/engineering aspects.

* Prepares report od findings in marine transportation & its supporting facilities & observing of its workers.

* Investigates marine accidents.

* Updates & revisits SOPS of HSE subjects in marine and transportation. Maintains & updates all permit related to Marine Operations & HSE requirements. Prepares all correspondence to Government bodies concerning operation of FSO & terminals.

* Involves in preparation of marine and transportation in SOW, Technical Specification & HSE requirements.

Job Specification:

D4 degree with at least ANT II or S1 in Marine Engineering with 8-10 years experience, especially in oil & gas industry. Knowledge in IMO regulations and HSE regulations is a must.

All applications will be treated strictly confidential and Only Qualified candidates will be contacted.

Please submit your Application together with CV and recent Photograph, put the name of the desired position on the subject email on May 3, 2009 at the latest to:

  1. Agustus 14, 2009 pukul 8:01 pm

    For Offshore/Onshore Drilling / Oil Industry jobs.

    Personnel Statistics

    N a m e : Bram Lewerissa (For Business Transaction) – Working.
    Other Name : Silas Abraham Lewerissa (Baptish name – Name in my Passport).
    Place / Date of Birthday : Bintuni, (Indonesia) 11 June 1951
    Nationality : Republic of Indonesia (INDONESIA).
    Present Address : Jl. Adam No. 60, Rt.006/ Rw.011, Kel. Sukabumi Utara, Kebun
    Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11540, INDONESIA.
    Telp No’s : 62-21-98161960 (Home)
    62-21-5300804 Fax / Telp. Business. (24 hrs)
    +62-81315939909 ( Mobile ).
    Email Address :
    Languages : English (Fluent), Indonesia (Fluent), and Malay (Good).
    Education : Some College ( 2 years gained the University of Cendrawasih in
    Irian Jaya –Indonesia ). Forestry Faculty – No Degree ! 1972.
    Deploma of High School (SMA.N) Manokwari – Indonesia. 1970.
    Courses / Training : Seminar at MIGAS (Minyak dan Gas Bumi) = Oil & Gas Seminar,
    ICS (International Correspondense School) Booklet from Singapore
    consist of Procurement & Materials Management (Logistics).
    Special Training : Safety Training and Courses (TOP – Certificates).
    : Radio Operator Training ( Exploration and Gold Mining Co ).
    Passport No. : B.120110 (Expired : 17 February 2011).
    Religion : Christian (Protestant).
    Additional : Consultant for Inventory Management, Logistics Management,
    Materials Handling System, Warehouse Handling System,
    Loading and off loading Materials, Purchasing & Adm Proce-

    Employment History

    January 2009 – August 2009.
    I worked for one of the Drilling Company in Jakarta.
    This company had 3 (three) Onshore Drilling Rigs (active) and 1 (one) is still mainte-
    nance in Batam. I handled purchasing for 2 (two) companies together and worked as
    a Purchasing Manager (Consultant). The loads were too heavy for me, therefore I had resigned from these companies and want to try to find other job.
    Other activities : Working as a Consultant for Oil & Gas Engineering Co.

    August 2007 –December 2008
    Worked for Lonestar Drilling Nigeria, Ltd.
    Location : Port Harcourt – Nigeria (Africa). This company has Offshore
    and Onshore Drilling Rigs operation in Nigeria.
    Position : Drilling Project Materials Manager / Warehouse Mngr.
    Duties and Responsibilities :
    Role : Report directly to the General Manager and Operation Manager.
    * Administrater the planning of materials and services in coordination with Project
    * Create materials and services requisitions and local purchase orders to support the
    • Track, Expedite and report progress of the project’s critical patch items.
    • Communicate with logistics personnel on important and critical consignment.
    • Prepare regular summary and detail budget updates.
    • Ensure compliance with company policy regarding vendors, receipts, payment, etc.
    • Travel to and from project site as required.
    • Reside with project team on project site for a short duration period.
    • Support project, operation’s approval and transaction.
    • Responsible for coordinating with agents in regards to custom clearance and documen-
    • Ensure that the materials and equipment are prepared safely accordingly with the
    policies and procedures.
    • Coordinate with the field coordinator for the transportation of incoming and outgoing
    materials (Shipments).
    Notes : All the duties & responsibilities are included Procurement & Logistics Jobs too.
    We have to control the activities of Purchased materials, Speed the deliveries, Vendor
    Control, and Shipments to/from the work site and Coordination with Project Manager.

    August 2001 – August 2006
    Worked for PT. Binatek Reka Kruh ( TAC-Pertamina). This is Oil & Gas Production Co.
    Joint operation company between Indonesia – Australia. The head office is in Pert (Aust).
    Indonesia on behalf of PT.Binatek Reka Kruh and Australia on behalf of Anzon Energy
    PTE, Ltd (Based in Perth – Australia).

    Position : Procurement & Logistics Manager.
    Duties and Responsibilities :
    Co-ordinating procurement activities between Projects Group and the Client’s procurement
    Input purchase order information into the Materials Management System.
    Maintain up to date purchase order files.
    Distribute correspondence accordingly.
    Down load data to expediting
    Resolve any queries from invoicing checking.
    Participates in audits.
    Develop and adhere to project specific procurement/execution strategies.
    Identify and implement company corporate procurement initiatives.
    Liaise with the procurement department on current/forecast procurement activities.

    Daily movement of the materials in the warehouse, work site and assembly yard.
    Retain permanent records and documents for materials movements.
    Coordinate yard personnel to move materials and equipment in assembly yard, shop and
    load out to the operation areas, site by truck or other type of transportation.
    Coordinate receipt of material and equipment at drill site or production site.
    Confirm all material and equipment shipped is received at destination.
    Report shipping discrepancies to project manager and management.
    Work with Logistics Scheduler and Logistics Coordinator to coordinate all movements
    of materials.
    Assist with rig up efford at assembly yard, drill site or production site.
    Work closely with yard personnel to preserve equipment for transport.
    Assist in directing and loading out trucks for mobilization.
    Assist in offloading trucks at drill site or production site.

    Notes :
    Attended the seminar of Oil & Gas from MIGAS ( Indonesia Oil & Gas Training Center
    in Jakarta ) . This seminar had given us how to handle workshop for Supply Chain Ma-
    nagement, procurement, logistics and tendering process for Oil industry jobs.

    February 1999 – July 2001
    Worked for PT. Citra Insulindo Abadi ( This is Joint operation company between the
    Drilling Company from China (Da’Chin) and the National Company from Indonesia.
    This company operated : Drilling Rigs, Seismics, Well Services for Oil & Gas Companies
    in Indonesia.
    Position : Logistics Manager / Logistics Coordinator
    Duties and Responsibilities :
    Management of logistics service providers including supply base, road transport, waste
    disposal, materials handling equipment, lifting equipment contractors, drilling fluid contractors, fuel contractors and other facilities.
    Monitor service provider performance through regular review and proactive efforts to
    ensure materials and logistics supports is cost effective and efficient.
    Ensure the provision of on-site logistical support, including materials and equipment coor-
    dination requirements for all drilling and completion operation.
    Review and update materials and logistics processes and procedures as required.
    Control and coordinate the materials and logistics function, from the point of departure of
    materials / services to delivery at site, to include all logistics requirements ( air, road,sea).
    Establish contact and develop working relationships with the materials and logistics func-
    tions of other operators working in the area.
    Review and provide advice or resolve daily operational problems, ranging, from HSEC matters through to the ordering / expediting of materials / services.
    Coordinate with the field coordinator for loading/offloading materials and equipment.

    April 1997 – August 1998
    Worked for Marine Drilling Company.
    Location : Started worked in Dubai – UAE ( Sharjah – Lamprell Shipyard ).
    This rig moved to Myanmar for drilling operation at Total Int’l area (Offshore).
    I was hired from Singapore office to work for this company.
    This rig was anchored in Sharjah Harbour for maintenance. After finished maintenanced,
    We towed with this rig to Total location in Yangon – Myanmar for exploration (drilling).
    Position : Sr. Materialsman (offshore).
    Duties and Responsibilities :
    Basic function and scope directs materials movement activities : receiving, storing, issuing,
    transferring, loan, posting, disposal & recovery of mechanical, system, drilling, process and
    miscellaneous material used in DPC operations.
    1. Issue MR (Materials Requisition) and send it to the purchasing department.
    The End Users will give us the complete description of what they want to order, and the
    Materialsman on duty will make MR and sent it to the Purchasing Dept.
    MR must be filled up with full details as :
    – Description, Part Number , Quantity, Manufacture, Model, Type, Specification, etc.
    MR must be signed by the rig manager first before send it to Purchasing Dept for futher
    process. The original and other copies will be sent to the main office for process.
    Sender will keep one copy for file.
    2. The Materialsman on board (duty) can issue regular MR if the stock level had shown
    min. The Materialsman’s job is to control the max/min order, and if the stock level is
    going to min, than the Matl’sman can make MR and give it to Rig Manager for appro-
    val and send to the Purchasing Dept. Also for the critical items (This is very important).
    If the purchasing dept had approved the MR, than they will send the original back to
    sender for file. Pull out the rig copy and change it with the original (white copy).
    Throw away the one in the file. Next, just wait for what we had ordered.
    3. Receiving : The Materialsman on duty will take care of all receiving materials from
    the vendors and check it. All the receiving items must be correct and same as what we
    had ordered. If some of the items are not correct, than the materialsman will mark
    on the MR and copy of the purchase order and send it back to the purchasing dept for
    change it. This need to be checked by the End User and approved by the Rig Manager
    before sending those items back to the vendor. Also, make a receiving report for every
    items and keep that report in the file. Be better make two copies (one for warehouse
    file on the rig and the other copy for Rig Manager. Rig Manager should have one copy
    to make more easier for the Rig Mngr if he wants to see and check what has been recei-
    ved by that shipment. Prepare all the documents before check the receiving materials.
    Documents consist of : Materials Requisition, Purchase Order, Certificates if availa-
    ble, Mill Certificates, Make sure we have Test Certificates for all Lifting Tools (Slings
    Hooks, Shackles, etc). Test Certificates for Annular BOP, Valves, High Press Hoses,
    Mooring Line, etc. For repaired items, we will need certificates too. Make sure all the
    receipt items must be correct as per what the end users had ordered.
    4. Materials Transfer : We will use special form for transfer materials/equipment to
    other rigs. Every item like this will be deducted from the quantity in stock and mark
    it as a transfer item.
    5. Loan : For every loan item, we will make a report and send it to them as per instruc
    tion from the End User or Rig Manager where we should send that materials or equip
    ment to. The rig or company who wants to borrow that equipment must send that equip
    ment back to sender after finished use that equipment. Ask them if they keep that equip
    ment too long at their places.
    6. Purchase Order will be issued by the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Depart-
    ment will process the MR and send it to the vendor.
    The Purchasing Department should make selection and find the : Cheapest price, Good
    Quality, Correct materials, Delivery on time. Others, they must speed the delivery for
    the critical items. We have to read the situation, because rig must going smooth and
    don’t delay any critical items.
    7. Make a good filing system for all documents and keep it in order.
    For Outstading PO, keep it in a separate file. All must be computerized and reported to
    the Rig Manager, Purchasing Dept, and Logistics Manager in the main office.
    8. Make daily report, weekly report, monthly report, and the and of year, make a physical
    inventory for yearly report. Materialsman should also make quartal report for every 3
    9. Work in team work. : Rig Manager, Tool Pushers, Electrician, Mechanic, Barge Eng,
    Tour Pusher, all End Users.
    10. Keep warehouse on the rig always clean and up to date. Keep using the administration
    procedure and materials controlled.
    11. For loading/offloading, we must think about safety procedure because sometimes the
    rig personnels (Roustabouts), they did not follow the safety regulation as, they did not
    use working gloves, safety goggles, or stand on the dangerous area while loading and
    offloading materials/equipment/boxes/pipes/drums/ and any other heavy loads too.
    12. The Materialsman on board must understands how to put the materials on the shelves.
    The heavy materials must be lay down on the floor for safety reason. Put materials in
    Categories, Section, Row, Bin, Locations and specially for BOP Rams, Slings, Drilling
    Line, HP valves, etc must be separated and put it in a different places.
    All rubber materials : “O” Rings, Seals, and Piston Rubbers, and more other materials
    must be in the AC Room.
    13. Follow the safety regulation and work safely while on duty.
    14. Assist the storemen in resolving stock discrepancies such as items which are damaged
    leaking, corroded etc and recommends process to avoid recurrences.

    Notes :
    These procedures are for the offshore rigs, different than the materialsman’s job for onshore
    rigs. The land rigs always move after completion program, therefore the warehouse always
    for temporary only. Also, we don’t need to keep too many materials in the warehouse becau
    se rig always move after completion program. Offshore rig has permanent store room, it con
    sist of 2 or 3 rooms where we can put all the materials and equipment in there.
    The land rig or Onshore rig has more than 2 or 3 containers where we can put all the mate-
    rials and equipment in there. That’s the different between Onshore and Offshore rigs.
    These two type of rigs will have a permanent warehouse in town or some place els.
    The offshore rig will gets the materials/equipment directly from the vendors, but the onshore
    rig will gets the materials/equipment from the central warehouse in town or they can get
    directly from vendors if they don’t have that materials in the central warehouse.

    June 1996 – April 1997
    Worked for Cooper’s Mechanical Oilfield Services (CMOS). This is a Drilling Company.
    Operation areas are in Sumatra-Indonesia.
    Position : Materials Superintendent.
    I worked for this company, started in Batam – Indonesia. After maintenance this rig in
    Batam, they sent this rig to Sumatra for exploration. The location was in Riau, Pekanbaru.
    Job description was different than when I was working for Offshore rig.
    I handle custom clearance, ordering, repairing items, surplus, and controlling.
    This rig had pipe yards and also central warehouse in Batam – Riau. Batam was in Kep.
    Riau province and every business communication for drilling operation had to come to
    this place, because most of the materials and equipment will be purchased from Singapore
    and Kep.Riau as the destination port for CMOS.

    July 1995 – May 1996
    I worked for my own. I ran my family business until I got another job from the drilling co.

    May 1993 – July 1994
    I worked for PT. Montague Minika ( A Gold Exploration & Mining Company ) in Irian
    Jaya ( East of Indonesia).
    Position : Logistics Manager (For Irian Jaya region – East of Indonesia).
    The location was in Nabire City, and the daily operational was
    between Nabire and Timika areas around the highest mountain in Indonesia (Jaya Top).
    My job is to provide Tents, Foods, Facilities, Choppers (Hudges 500, and Trigana Plane
    from Indonesia for the drilling crews services). I stayed in Irian Jaya and take care of
    the company businesses such as : Paperworks clearance with Police, Custom, Government,
    Expert’s crews from Jakarta and Australia. All pilots came from Jakarta and some from
    Papua Nieuw Guinea for special chopper for Cold weather. This company used 2 units of
    Choppers from Nieuw Guinea and 2 Planes – Type DC.3 (Trigana) from Jakarta-Indonesia.

    January 1993 – July 1993
    I worked for PT. Adiguna Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, in Jakarta – Indonesia.
    Position : QA. Supervisor.
    My job is to handle materials for building jackets for ARCO (Oil Company) platforms.
    Materials consist of heavy materials such as : H-Beams, Angle Irons, MS. Plates, Bolts
    and Nuts, Pipes, plus Sands for sand blasting, sand blasting units, and coordinate the
    people in using materials for building jackets.
    The company gave me drawing for purchase materials and also I involved in the Expe-
    diting Team as an Expeditor for speed the deliveries and follow up the outstanding PO’s.
    Check the quality of any incoming materials for making jackets for platforms.
    Also, make a treasybility report for this job.

    December 1992 – May 1993
    I worked for one of the Local agent in Surabaya. I handled the Re-Export Equipment
    Such as : Fuel Tanks, Crude Oil Pumps, and other units on Kodeco Energy, Ltd Ltd
    Platforms from Taurus and moved them onto the Tug Boats and sent to back to S’Pore.
    Documentation clearance with the local government and Pertamina in Surabaya.
    These equipment were rental equipment from Singapore.
    Position : Administrater & Handling Supervisor.

    December 1990 – December 1991
    I worked for Kodeco Energy, Pte, Ltd. (Oil & Gas Company). Iworked in the office in
    Jakarta. Position : Sr. Materialsman
    I worked only one year and resigned from this company. Find another job.
    My job description is : Help the Logistics Supervisor for selecting the correct materials
    that need to be send to the Platforms and job site.
    Make a daily report for incoming / outgoing shipments. Contact with the central ware-
    house in Meneng ( East of Java), and get the inventory records for our computer records
    in Jakarta. Make physical inventory for Casings, Tubings, Down Hole Tools, Bulk Mate-
    rials such as : Cements, Chemical materials, Cement Tanks, and other materials and
    Tools that belonged to the company or company properties.
    Sometimes, I make a trip to the central warehouse for inventory the materials and equip
    ment. It take a few days to do this job. Checked materials at the yard and find out if some
    of them are still in good condition or need to be send to the junk yard. Specially for the
    used items like junk pipes, used electric motors, scrab materials. All inventoried items
    must be listed and ran into the computer for inventory record. Coordinate with the yard
    hands and put all the big items at the proper places like, Casings, Tubings, Line Pipes,
    Tanks etc. For other things like : Csg accessories, Drilling Tools, Bits, Cementing Tools,
    Production equipment and tools, and many other tools and equipment must be put in the
    warehouse. Also for X-Mas Trees, Well Head String, HP Valves, Fishing Tools, Pup Joints.

    July 1989 – April 1990
    I worked for Sonat Offshore Drilling Co. This is a Drilling Company. Location is in Surabaya – Indonesia. This rig drilled for ARCO Richfield of Indonesia (Oil Company).
    Position : Representative & Procurement Manager for this company in
    Surabaya (East of Java – Indonesia)
    Job description :
    Provided local purchases, Materials control, and Clerical functions.
    I also handled national & expert’s crews for in/out the rig.
    Issue PO for local vendors, Documentation clearance (Custom), Immigration clearance
    for the experts crews. I worked with one of the expert from Singapore (back to back).

    September 1987 – June 1989
    I worked for Nordell International Resources, Ltd. This is an Oil & Gas Production Co.
    The operation areas are in South Sumatra – Indonesia. Nordell sold the concession to
    Triton Oil & Gas Company. Most of the expert crews had moved to other companies.
    Triton Company used their own crews for handled the production jobs.
    Position : Warehouse Supervisor.
    My job description :
    To ensure the stock level, inventory record, warehouse administration, in & out going
    materials are in good system. This company had many active production wells.
    Most of the materials and equipment for production were purchased locally. Some were
    Purchased in Singapore and Overseas but most of them were purchased locally (Jakarta).
    To ensure that the stock level not going less than min order (Min/Max). Worked with the
    Field Coordinator for handling / moving materials from / to the yard.
    Coordinate the warehouse crews and teached them how to do a better job and follo the
    Safety regulation. This is a part of the warehouse handling procedures.
    Received shipment : Check the incoming materials and put them on the shelves. The
    heavy materials must be lay down on the floor for safety. Taged all items. Make a receiving report and send it to the Warehouse Manager / Logistics Manager as well.
    Run a good warehouse system and controlled, so we will have a good quality warehouse.
    Put all the repaired items in one place and mark it repaired ( if it has been repaired ).
    For the items that need to be repaired, call the vendor to take it or send them to the repair shops for repair. Make lists for all “LOAN” materials and equipment and check it if they had finished use that equipment or materials. They must send it back to the sender.
    We will help the company to safe the money, if this system works and controlled.
    Reduce the cost and negociate with the vendors for the repaired materials and equipment.

    March 1983 – September 1987
    I worked for Dual Offshore Drilling Co. The location area is in Java Sea – Indonesia.
    Position : Sr. Materialsman. – For Rig – 42
    I started work for this company in March 1980. I went to Korea (Chang Seng Pho) to take this rig to Indonesia. This rig was maintenanced when I came there, because this rig was docked at the shipyard in Pusan – Chang Seng Pho (Korea).
    After arrived in Jakarta – Indonesia, Arco Richfield Indonesia used this rig for drilling at Java Sea for about more than 4 years. All National Crews from Indonesia.
    I finished worked with this company after completion and move to Nordell Int’l Res Ltd.
    My job description is :
    Set up the store (warehouse) on the rig, organized the warehouse personnels, set up the administration, filling system, inventory, posting, separate materials one by one and put them on the proper locations, make sure we use the category system to put materials /parts / equipment / tools / others as well. For example : Electrical will goes to electrical shelves and Mechanical parts will goes to mechanical part’s locations, and so on. All handling tools will be put on the main deck, same as for Drill Pipes, Hevi Weight DP, X-Over Subs, Stabilizers, and other heavy weight tools. All the warehouse systems, for handling materials (offshore) are almost the same and the major activity is for the system and procedures of that drilling company. Materialsman should know how to do the best work on the rig, follow the company regulation, safety procedures, take care of company materials and equipment, and use good systems in handling all activities. This can help company to safe money. Think safety !!
    Work with all supervisors (Electrician, Mechanic, Barge Eng, Rig Mngr, Tool Pushers, Tour Pushers, and follow the safety procedure from the Co-Man in Charged (On Duty).
    After that, I went to Korea again to take the other rig (Rig – 38). This rig also belonged to Dual Offshore Drilling Co. Both of these two rigs worked for Arco Richfield Indonesia in Java Sea – Indonesia.

    April 1982 – April 1983
    I worked for Reading & Bates Exploration Co. This is Rig Tender “ DM.Saunders” .
    Operation area is at Java Sea in Indonesia.
    Position : Store Keeper.
    I took this job because there wasn’t any vacancy for Materialsman at that time.
    My job is to ensure that all materials going in/out must be reported and listed on the daily issue log. Help the supervisors, and drilling crews to find the correct parts/materials in stock and make a list for the min level stock for re-order. All the daily issues need to be typed up into the daily issue log for report. The Materialsman on duty will check it and send the report to the main office in town.

    December 1979 – February 1982
    I worked for Parker Drilling Co. This is land rig (Onshore Rig).
    This rig started work for Marathon Petroleum Co. in Irian Jaya (East of Indonesia).
    After completion, this rig moved to Jambi (South Sumatra) Indonesia, and worked for Jambi Oil Co. This is Japan Oil & Gas Company.
    Position : Sr. Warehouseman.
    My job is to ensure that the warehouse administration is up to date and controlled.
    Parker Drilling Co did not have a permanent warehouse, but they have a temporary warehouse in Jambi for handling the drilling operation in Jambi.
    We made inventory for a couple of time and purchase some materials/parts as locally. Most of the materials/parts and equipment were purchased from S’Pore and Houston.
    Caterpillar parts, Hardware, Miscelaneous parts, Plates, Grating, and other small items can be purchased locally, except for the special materials/parts need to be ordered from S’Pore and overseas (Houston).
    Make daily issue, Receiving report, Transfer report, MMO, Repairing equipment, Surplus items (Junked), Inventory management, and other activities to support the drilling program.
    Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders will be supplied from local vendors in town.
    After completion the job, we re-boxed all the materials/parts/ and equipment and send them back to Singapore by barges. Every box need to be numbered and write down the list what was in that box. The original list will be kept by the Warehouse Manager in charged and copies will put in every box as well. Anythings that belonged to the company, must be sent back to the origin point (S’Pore / Houston) for reinventory and will be used for the next drilling programs.

    June 1974 – January 1978
    I worked for Robray Drilling Co. in Irian Jaya (Indonesia). This is Land rig (Onshore Rig).
    Position : Sr. Materialsman.
    This rig and the expert crews had teached me how to do the job, working on the rig, learned about the drilling equipment, safety programs, technical jobs, mud systems, working on the rig floor, ran the drill pipes, casings, tubings, set up the drilling string, well head string, BOP, Mud pumps, shale shaker, desander, desilter, degasser, Koomey unit, all kind of engines, Manifold, and what service companies were working as team work for that oil company at that time. I sometimes made trips to the rig for learning how to work as a Materialsman for drilling company. I had learned many…..and many about drilling activities during my time with Robray Drilling Co.
    I had a very desipline Chief Materialsman named Kim McCormick. He is the man who ever teached me very details about the materials procedure, systems, handling materials, clearance, loading/offloading, checking materials, posting, receiving, transferring, issueing, and more details of the warehouse and materials handling procedures for drilling operations.
    Thank you so much for Robray Drilling Co and all the experts who ever be with me during my time for more than 4 years with them in handling the drilling exploration and hand in hand working as a friend, teacher, brother and daddy until the drilling completion in 1978.
    After finished worked for Robray Drilling Co, than I moved to Parker Drilling Co.
    God bless you !

    Industry School Attended

    1. I.C.S ( International Correspondence School ) from Singapore – Via Booklets.
    This program consist of : Supply Chain Management, Materials Handling Procedures,
    Warehousing, Procurement and Logistics.
    2. Safety Course consist of : Training Certificate for Satisfactory Completion of Offshore Drilling Safety Training, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Sea Survival, and
    3. STOP – for safety. Achievement Award . This is Safety Training Observation Program.
    I have got these training programs from Marine Drilling Co. in Yangon – Myanmar in 1997.
    4. Certificate of Supply Chain Management in Oil & Gas Industry Sector.
    This course consist of : Supply Chain Management Program, Procurement & Logistics, Materials Handling Procedures, WP & Budgets, Vendor Surveys, Tender Evaluation and Programs, Laws, Budget for drilling programs, Reduce Cost. Safety program.
    I took this course when I was working for PT.Binatek Reka Kruh (Oil & Gas Co). in 2005.

    S u m m a r y

    Objective :
    To obtain a position where my extensive technical and managerial experiences can be put to work to contribute to the long term goals of a leading company in the Oil & Gas Industry.

    Profile :
    More than 20 years international experience working in the field of logistics management for petroleum service and supply companies.

    The writer is familiar with hundreds of different pieces of materials and equipment necessary to keep a drilling rig operational in the field.

    He is qualified to work as a Logistics Specialist, write technical and other materials handling programs, prepare and analyze both bids and tenders and perform in the capacity of supervisor or manager as required.

    Computer Literacy

    The writer is able to work with “ Digitek Note Book “ Computers and Portable Computer as well, and familiar with Windows, Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, MS Project, MS Excel ,
    SAP ( Special for Procurement / Logistics / and Materials handling for onshore & Offshore
    activities ), Data Base.


    1. Documentation Procedures for Offshore and Onshore Materialsmen.
    2. Warehouse Procedures for Offshore and Onshore Materialsmen
    3. Purchasing and Logistics Documentations Procedures.

    Qualified in these positions :
    1. Drilling Project Materials Manager for Drilling & Operation.
    2. Procurement & Logistics Manager.
    3. Warehouse Manager / Coordinator / Supervisor.
    4. Logistics Manager / Coordinator / Supervisor.
    5. Materials Coordinator / Supervisor / .
    6. Senior Warehouseman or Senior Materialsman for Oil Industry Jobs.

    I understand that my misrepresentation or omission of fact by me weather oral or written and pertaining to the above informations sufficient cause for the company at any time to my application or terminate my employment.

    Jakarta, 13 August 2009

    Bram Lewerissa

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