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MMBO – Exploration Team Leader

Exploration Team Leader – Jakarta
Job Description :

The Exploration Team Leader will be part of a small G&G team based in Jakarta. The main function of this position will be to evaluate exploration assets and generate new, and evaluate existing, exploration opportunities in Indonesia. The successful candidate will have extensive technical knowledge of the basins in the region and should have current knowledge of area activity. The successful candidate will be a creative team player and a self-starter with strong communication skills.

Key responsibilities include :

• Play and prospect evaluation, generation and recommendations to management.
• Evaluation of new ventures at the exploration level and/or development/production level.
• Good knowledge of all aspects of geological studies from early stage exploration to development stages.
• Preparation/presentation of technical material to the company s management, partner(s) and government officials.
• Supervision of all aspects of geology during Exploration/Appraisal drilling as required.

Qualifications/Experience :

• Minimum 10-15 years of oil and gas industry experience.
• MSc or PhD degree in geology or closely related field.
• Asia/South East Asia experience essential in particularly for Indonesia.
• Must be very familiar with all aspects relating to exploration geology, tools and methods, log evaluation and basin modelling including close interface with 2D and 3D seismic.
• Experience in 2D/3D workstation interpretation and/or PC geological software tools. Understanding of aspects relating to development geology/field development plans a plus.
• Good knowledge of industry standard geological software.
• Team player and self-starter.
• This is a local staff role open to applicants of Indonesian nationality only.

Please mail your resume to :


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