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Transmission Planning Manager-Central Java

We are a progressive and dynamic mobile services operator seeking to expand aggressively in Indonesia. We invite highly talented, dedicated and passionate professionals to be part of a very dynamic and challenging environment.

Transmission Planning Manager-Central Java

Job Description :

* Preparation of the required reports and ensure all the planning activities (Frequency Plan, Bandwidth requirement and plans, redundancy etc) are performed in a timely and efficient manner without adding any delay in the process
* Approval of the WP from transmission point of view
* Keeping the track of Transmission equipment planned and ordered and give the feedback of the spared, used and planned equipment
* Keep close coordination with the all the concerned depts to get the long and short term requirements and prepare the plans accordingly
* Coordinate with the SA/RE to select the sites for MSC, MGW, SDH hub etc.
* Provide the Site Design department info regarding the TRS requirement to help to decide the different types of sites required
* Prepare a Frequency Plan from the long term perspective
* Preparation of the ISR applications
* Preparation of Layer1 diagrams
* Preparation of the MUX plan and Update the NIMS DB
* Interference analysis and revision of planning guidelines
* Coordination with the implementation dept and analysing the reports to support plans
* Management of the regional team and liaison with the vendor and Rollout/MS teams
* Coordination with the MS to ensure Performance Monitoring and DB maintenance of the installed network

Job Qualification:
o            At least Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics/communication/telecommunications
o            Minimum 5 years of experience in planning and implementation of transmission media specially MW

Please send your application and CV (max 200KB) to:

Please ensure to put job title and the location on the subject of your email

( Transmision Planning Manager – Central Java )

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