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Lowongan Dosen Universitas Al Azhar Jakarta

Open Recruitment
Universitas Al Azhar
Indonesia (UAI) is an emerging university, aspiring for excellent education with many stakeholders. We hereby would like to invite highly qualified and dedicated persons as lecturers in the following areas:

* Informatics Engineering
* Industrial Engineering
* Electrical Engineering
* Biotechnology
* Accounting
* Management
* Arabic (Linguistics/Literature)
* English (Linguistics/Literature)
* Japanese (Linguistics/Literature)
* Mandarin (Linguistics/Literature)
* Healing & Counseling
* Early Childhood Education
* Law in Economy and Technology
* International Relations
* Communication Sciences
* Psychology

General Qualifications :
* Holding at least Master/Magister degree in the major/field of study applied.
* Proficient in oral and written English (TOEFL minimum 500).
* Computer literacy at least proficient in all MS. Office programs.
* Highly motivated to grow with UAI.
* Able to work in team & with good interpersonal skills.

Special Qualifications:

Lecturer Classification, A Type :
* Maximum of age : 35 years old (by 8th January 2009).
* Minimum cumulative index 3,0 for Master/Magister degree from a reputable university.
* Minimum cumulative index 3,2 for PhD/Doctoral degree from a reputable university.
* Preferably has teaching experience.Lecturer Classification, B Type :
* Maximum of age : 60 years (by 8th January 2009).
* Preferably has conducted acknowledged academic or professional researches.
* Preferably has academic qualification of Lector or above.
* Preferably has 3 years or more teaching experience & student coaching.

Please send your confidential application letter, no later than 8th January
2009 to :

Head of HRD Bureau Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia

Kompleks Masjid Agung Al Azhar
Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan – 12110

All applications will be treated with confidentiality and UAI has full rights in all decisions.

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