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Product Development Analyst [Asuransi Astra]

PT Asuransi Astra Buana is a reputable General Insurance, under Astra Group. Basically, we’re a service based company. We carried major brands such as Garda Oto and Asuransi Astra. With that brands we create products either on retail or custom-built products. Our branches cover area all over Indonesia. We have 31 branches.

In retail business, we have motor vehicle insurance, known as Garda Oto and home insurance, known as Garda Puri, covering for example from fire. We creates the best service quality in order to pursuit customer excellent, building Garda Akses 24 hours, Garda Oto Visa and Garda Siaga 24 hours are the reality. With “Customer First”, which is one of our value, we do something.

In custom-built products, known as Asuransi Astra, we serve company customer in a products such as Property Insurance (includes Fire Insurance, Industrial All Risks and Property All Risks Insurance), Engineering Insurance (covers Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Electronic Equipment Insurance, Erection Insurance and Contractor’s Insurance), Marine Cargo Insurance, Hull & Aviation Insurance, Heavy Equipment Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance and Other Insurance (covers Personal Accident Insurance, Money Insurance, Liability Insurance, Hole in One Insurance and Custom Bond Insurance).

We have the best human resources from any discipline, together we try to bring “peace of mind” to others


Now, we invite you to join with us in position:

Product Development Analyst
(Jakarta Raya)


* You are freely to make product innovations, based on data and your own creativity. Developing our product and managing brand are your main roles. You will bring a new product or service to market by two parallel paths involved in the process:
* one involves the idea generation, product design, and detail engineering;
* the other involves market research and marketing analysis.


* Hold Bachelor degree (S1) of Economic
* Having minimum 6 years of working experience in the same field.
* Having experiences as a Brand Manager is preberable.
* Proficiency in English both oral and written
* Having a creative way of thinking, having the competencies of Analysis and Judgment, Vision, Business Sense, Inter -personal Skill and Influencing skill
* Actively contribute effective role in team work

Please send your comprehensive resume covering your job description and latest achievement (those with clear evident of achievement will have better opportunity), including current and expected salary, and also recent photograph to:

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