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[JOB VACANCY] Pacific Healthcare Holdings

A public listed, integrated healthcare provider offering specialist, medical, dental, eldercare and wellness services.
Website address :


*      Represent the business interest of Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd in Indonesia
*      Resource person between GP / specialist and potential clients on the healthcare services of Pacific Healthcare
*      Expand and manage the business network for Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd in Indonesia
*      Assist the head office in Singapore to source, organize and follow up on all matters with corporate clients/doctors/hospitals
*      Manage all administration matters in Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd’s Indonesia representative office such as keeping proper records, maintaining accurate files on operations and personnel matters
*      Initiate the promotion and marketing of Pacific Healthcare’s services in Indonesia.
*      Undertake customer relations management initiatives to manage and grow Pacific Healthcare’s Indonesian clientele base.
*      Develop strategies for expanding clientele across customer segments and geography
*      Promoting and marketing the company’s range of healthcare products & services
*      Identifying and securing new clients
*      Developing new business leads
*      Maintaining strong relationships with clients
*      Building and managing a client database


*      At least 4-6 years relevant work experience in healthcare/pharmaceuticals or sales industry
*      Proven track record in sales & marketing will be advantageous
*      Exposure to healthcare environment will be advantage
*      Able to interact with people of all levels and have strong media/corporate contacts
*      Able to converse in English
*      Organised, Pro-active, motivated & has initiative
*      Preferably the person is Jakarta’s resident

Please send your resume with current and expected salary to

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