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Lowongan di JAC Indonesia

1. Administrative Manager: Oil & Gas Exploration Company based in Jakarta (CODE: ADM/X/08)

– Proceeds new & existing projects smoothly
– Finds / proposes new opportunities using own connection
– Arranges with government in Oil & Gas relation
– Checks and supports our administrator & accountant under the regulation and Tax Law

– 40 to 50 years of ages
– Working experience in Oil & Gas Company
– Good relationship with Government in Oil & Gas business (MIGAS, BPMIGAS and Pertamina etc)
– Good understanding of taxation, finance

2. Senior Geologist: Oil & Gas Exploration Company (CODE: SGO/X/08)
– Generates and matures prospects and writing geological well proposal that incorporate studying source rock, reservoir and top seals types, time of maturation, structural and migration timing, and tectonic regime and relative sea level since the basin inception
– Integrates system tracts, gross depositional environment (GDE) for developments identification, basin analysis, migration pathways analysis and the other predictive applications of sequence analyses for an exploration program
– Conducts seismic interpretation, structural interpretation and restoration for prospecting techniques, prospect sizing and applications
– Performs/ involves in seismic interpretation, petrophysical modeling, volume and reserve calculation, creating STOIIP maps, and well design
– Responsible for preparation of well proposals and completion of the well resume after drilling with an update of the relevant geological model.

– Min 10 t 15 years of working experience in Oil & Gas company

3. Geologist for Gold Mining: Mining Company based in Sulawesi Area (CODE: GGM/X/08)

– Proceeds new & existing projects smoothly
– Arranges & Provides Report Of Work progress evaluation against Geological Survey Plan Works
– Carries out the current operation – PLAN AND CONTROL THE DEVELOPING OPERATION
– Working out Technical Documentations
– Organizes & controls field accomplishment
– Controls work execution & Geological documentation accuracy

– Min 3 years of working experience as Geologist in gold mining
– Willing to travel so several locations throughout Indonesia
– Good understanding in prepare Geological Report as well as Geological Mapping

Please send your Comprehensive Resume to

by October 31, 2008-10-16 at the latest and only suitable candidates will be notified

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